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The ski season is back in Quebec!

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The Quebec Ski Areas Association (ASSQ) and its 75 ski resorts have obtained confirmation from Quebec government officials that, effective November 15, a vaccination passport will be requiRed for people 13 and older. to use the ski lifts and access certain services offeRed. in day shelters. This measure will allow Quebec ski areas to operate lifts at full capacity this Season. Despite the November 15 deadline, ski areas will require proof of vaccination from the start of the Season for those who open their slopes earlier.

“We welcome the news of being able to operate the lifts at full capacity in addition to having no limit on the number of visitors outside. For the ski industry, the implementation of the vaccine passport is certainly an operational challenge, but it will allow the relaxation of other health measures, and for that we are grateful. Our guest polls show that the vast majority of skiers are in favor of the vaccine passport.  The great impact for visitors will be the peace of mind that this measure entails.”  stated Yves Juneau, executive director of the Quebec Association of Ski Areas (ASSQ).

An operational challenge

In addition to hiring staff and preparing slopes for the upcoming season with snowmaking, ski lift cleaning and maintenance, ski areas are already working to implement passport validation procedures. Ski resorts will be in a position to inform season pass holders and day ticket purchasers in the coming days.  Taking into account that each ski area operates in a different environment, it will be up to each of them to define the best ways to validate proof of vaccination.

Ski area operators expect the full cooperation of all skiers and snowboarders for the successful implementation of the vaccination passport.  Again this season, you will be asked to stay informed, come prepared and purchase your ski ticket early.  Skiers and snowboarders will surely be delighted that all services are back in full operation for the 2021-2022 season, namely Food and beverage services, sports shop, ski school, childcare, ski clubs , lockers and rental equipment. services.

Quebec ski areas will need to fully comply with the province’s public health recommendations. They will enforce the public health measures issued on  These are the basic guidelines applicable this winter when visiting a ski area:

• People with COVID symptoms will be asked to stay home;

• Vaccination passport is required for the use of the ski lifts and the access to the services of the day shelter (restaurants, cafeterias, bars, lunch sections). Restaurant rules will apply inside buildings with F & service B;

• For lift lines and lifts, it is recommended to wear a neck warmer or balaclavaace covering the nose and mouth outdoors for all visitors 3 years and older, even during a ski lesson;

• Wear a face covering indoors and in enclosed vehicles such as gondolas;

• Physical disTancing is required;

• Frequent hand washing.

Skiers and snowboarders are encouraged to visit ski area websites for the procedure to validate their proof of vaccination, as well as other information for the upcoming season.

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